How to create Solus OS Live USB from Windows 10

Solus OS is a brand new Linux distribution built from scratch. This means that Solus OS is not based on any existing Linux distribution. Not even Ubuntu or Debian. I am not going to talk about Solus OS itself. If you need a general overview of the latest version of Solus OS, you may check my previous Solus OS Screenshots Tour post. Instead, I want to show you how to create Solus OS Live USB for Windows 10 users.


With this Live USB, you can try Solus OS on your computer without having to install it. Before we go through, you will need to download the following items from the internet.

  1. Solus OS ISO
  2. Rufus Software

Now, run Rufus application on Windows 10. At this point, it is better to plug your USB flash disk to the USB port so the Rufus application can detect it. Make sure you have 4GB or more flash disk.

solus os live usb 1.png

On Rufus window, select your USB device from the device section. And then, give a new name to it if you want. Finally, browse the ISO file you have downloaded. Press Start to start the process. When finished, boot your computer with the Live USB and enjoy Solus OS.



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