How to enable Amazon S3 Storage on OwnCloud

OwnCloud is a powerful way to create your own Cloud system like Dropbox. It has many features you need to store your files, sync, backup, share your projects and many more. OwnCloud supports various storage systems such as local disk storage, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and many more. On this tutorial, I will show you how to enable Amazon S3 Storage to OwnCloud server.

By enabling Amazon S3 storage, you can directly save your data to Amazon S3 bucket which is reliable, supports Pay As You Go feature that is very effective as your project growing. Ok lets get started.

Create a new Bucket on Amazon S3

First, we need to create a bucket (if you haven’t done already) in Amazon S3. Login to your Amazon account and go to Amazon S3 service page. Click Create Bucket to create a new one.

create new bucket.png

Enter Bucket Name and select the region. Click Create to create the bucket. Once created, your new bucket will be listed on the bucket list. You can also edit the bucket properties if you need to. For example, you want to add permission to the new bucket.

create new bucket 1

At this point, our new bucket is ready. But, we need to create a new secret key to access our Amazon S3. You may skip this if you already have the secret key. Create a new secret key is very easy. Go to your Account and select Security Credentials.

new secret key.png

You will be warned if this is the first time you access the credential page. Simply click Continue to Security Credentials. On the Security Credentials page, click Users and then click a username. Next go to Security Credential tab as follow

security credentials.png

Click Create Access Key to create a new one

access key.png

Now make sure you copy both Access Key ID and Secret Access Key shown on your screen. Or, you can also Download Credentials to csv format for future use. At this point We have successfully created a new bucket and secret access key required for the next process.

Enable External Storage on OwnCloud

Now, we need to enable External Storage on OwnCloud in order to add Amazon S3 service to OwnCloud. To do this, simply log in to OwnCloud web administration page as Admin user. The External Storage addons is not enabled by default. If this addon is not enable yet, you can enable it via Admin | Apps

enable external support.png

Find External Storage addon and enable it from there. Once enabled, you should see External Storage link on the left.

Next, click External Storage and select Amazon S3 from the drop down list. Next, enter the detailed access key and secret we created on the previous step.

enable external support owncloud.png

If all goes well, there will be a green button on the left side. When this indicator is green, you are ready to go. Now, you should see your new Amazon S3 storage listed on the file list on OwnCloud page.

amazon s3 on owncloud.png

Congratulations, we are successfully enable and add Amazon S3 Storage/Bucket to OwnCloud server. Thanks for reading.


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