How to enable Onlyoffice on Nextcloud 12.0

Hello, today we will guide you how to enable Onlyoffice on Nextcloud 12.0. Onlyoffice is a great collaboration suite available for free. We can easily built our own Onlyoffice document server and editor on top of Linux system. Or, if you don’t have time to configure it yourself, you can simply purchase the Onlyoffice service. Onlyoffice works great with Owncloud and also Nextcloud. Nextcloud provide a seamless way to store and share your data combined with Onlyoffice with its powerful document editor, mail and project service.

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Steps to integrate Onlyoffice with Nextcloud 12.0

Log in to Nextcloud and go to Apps page. And then go to Office and Text section. Scroll down and you should see Onlyoffice in the list. Click Enable to enable the app.

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Once you enable it, go to Enable App and you should see Onlyoffice there.

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Now we need to configure Onlyoffice server. Go to Admin and scroll down to Onlyoffice section

onlyoffice settings.png

Now enter your Onlyoffice server IP address or hostname. Click Save to save the configuration. Now your Nextcloud is integrated with Onlyoffice which means we can directly create new office documents or edit office files directly from Owncloud.

onlyoffice nextcloud.png

Thank you for reading this how to integrate Onlyoffice with Nextcloud 12.0.



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