How to enable SSH on Fedora 23 Server

There are few things we should do after a fresh install of Fedora 23 Server. As my standard steps after installing server is to make sure that the SSH server is enabled on the server. SSH server enables us to connect to the server remotely via SSH protocol. By default, ssh server package is already installed on Fedora 23 Server but its not enabled.

To enable the ssh server on Fedora 23, use this command:

systemctl start sshd.service

Now check if the sshd service is up and running

systemctl status sshd.service

It should returned the following information:

ssh server on fedora 23.png

To restart ssh service, you can use the following command

systemctl restart sshd.service

Now, you can start connect and manage your Fedora 23 Server remotely.


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