How to enable VPN on Opera browser

Do you need a VPN for your browsing activity? There are many paid VPN service out there but if you need a free one you can find it in Opera browser. Yes, Opera includes a free VPN service built in the browser. We don’t have to install any third party application. First, you may want to download and install Opera for Ubuntu.

VPN disabled

opera vpn 1.png

VPN Enabled

opera vpn enabled.png

As you can see, my IP address changed when the VPN is enabled. By default, this free VPN feature is disabled.

How to enable Free VPN on Opera

Open Opera and go to Preferences via Edit | Preferences. Now click Privacy and Security on the left panel. Then, find the VPN section on the right side.

opera vpn.png

Now the VPN is active. Thanks for reading please consider share this article if you found it useful.


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