How to export 3D Wireframe to 3D DXF on Micromine

On this tutorial, I am going to show you how to export wireframe to 3D DXF file on Micromine. Micromine as a powerful 3D mining software is capable to export any existing wireframe to other format such as DXF. Then, this dxf file can be imported to any other applications such as Autocad, Surpac, Mapinfo and many more.

Before we export the wireframe, it is important to display and check it on Micromine first, to make sure that the wireframe is clean and ready to be exported. Load the wireframe on Micromine via Vizex.

open wireframe on micromine.gif

Export wireframe to DXF on Micromine:


To export a wireframe, go to File | Export | Wireframe. Then, select the input wireframe and specify the output dxf file. Press Run to start the process.


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