How to export Gmail contact to CSV file

I was installing Mozilla Thunderbird on my computer and connect it to my Gmail account. The problem is that when we connect our Gmail account to Thunderbird, the address book or our Gmail contact is not automatically imported to Thunderbird. We need to manually import Gmail contact to Thunderbird. This tutorial is going to show you how to export Gmail contacts into a CSV file. This csv file can be used in several mail client applications such as Thunderbird and Outlook. 

Steps to Export Gmail contacts to csv file

1. Login to Gmail

You will need to login to your Gmail account using your favorite web browser such as Google Chrome. The, click Mail on the upper left of your Gmail page and then click Contact.

gmail contact

2. Export your contact

After you click Contacts on the first step, you will see all your contact list.Click More and click Export.

export gmail contact to csv

Select All contacts to export the entire contacts you have, or you can export only for selected contacts. Make sure you choose Outlook CSV format. Click Export button and your browser will download the csv file which you can use it on other mail clients.


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