How to format disk to NTFS on ClearOS 6.6

This tutorial is going to guide you how to format a disk into NTFS file system on ClearOS system. I am using ClearOS 6.6 on this tutorial. In order to format a disk or partition on ClearOS 6.6, we need to do several things to make sure ClearOS has all the dependency files to format a disk to NTFS file system.

First, we need to enable EPEL repository

Log in to ClearOS web dashboard and go to System | Software Repository. Make sure you enable the clearos-epel repository on that page.

epel repository on clearos 6.6

Now, we need to install additional packages. You can connect to the ClearOS server via SSH or using Putty (Windows) and then execute this command.

yum install ntfsprogs ntfsprogs-gnomevfs

Next, you can format your partition using the following command

mkfs.ntfs /dev/sdb1

change /dev/sdb1 with your actual partition.


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