How to format USB Flash Disk for Mac OSX from Windows 10

Hello everyone, welcome to another free tutorial. Today, I am going to show you how to format disk (USB Disk) for Mac from a Windows 10 machine. This task is very common if you want to install Mac OS X on a PC or Laptop. There is a special software called TransMac that is really helpful to format USB Disk for Mac. Let’s go.

Steps to Format USB Flash Disk for Mac from Windows 10

Step 1. Download and Install TransMac

Please download TransMac from this link. Install it on your Windows 10 as usual. Please note that this is 15 days free trial. We do not provide TransMac full version, serial, keygen etc.

Step 2. Insert your USB disk

Step 3. Format disk for Mac

On the TransMac window, make sure your USB disk is listed on the left panel. If not, you may need to refresh the drive list by go to Tools | Refresh Drive List. Now, right click the USB disk and select Format disk for Mac.

transmac format disk 1.png

Give a name for your disk

transmac format disk 2.png

Press OK and the process will start. Wait until it complete. After it completed, you can start using your USB Flash Disk.


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