How to import GPX format to Mapinfo TAB file

The new version of MapInfo/Discover 2015 comes with a better support for export and import vector files. We can easily export MapInfo TAB file to GPX (GPS Exchange format) vice versa with Discover. GPX format can be read by most GPS device such as Garmin, Magellan and some others. I will show you how to import GPX format to Mapinfo table (.TAB) using Mapinfo Discover.

To import a GPX file, follow these steps:

Open Mapinfo and go to Discover | Export and Import | Vector Import.

vector importSelect GPS eXchange (*.gpx) from the list. The new window will come up. Select the GPX file you want to import.

import gpx 1On the next window, specify the file name and directory for the Mapinfo file.

transform file vectorMake sure you select Mapinfo TAB file from the Output format. You can also transform the coordinates, or even reproject the coordinates. Press Import to start importing.

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