How to install BitTorrent Sync 1.483 on Fedora 20

BitTorrent Sync offers a new way to sync and share your files over the internet. You can sync your files and folders between computer via internet without having to upload any files to the third party cloud server. Theoretically, its more secure because we do not save any files to the cloud. BitTorrent Sync is available in various platform including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This tutorial is going to show you how to install BitTorrent Sync on Fedora 20. The developer already provided the executable binary file for BitTorrent Sync so we can easily run it on Fedora system.

Steps to install BitTorrent Sync 1.483 on Fedora 20

A. Download BitTorrent Sync package for Linux

B. Extract the package and run

Use this command to extract the package to /opt

cd /home/gamblisfx/Downloads          ##change with your download directory
tar -xzvf bittorrent_sync_x64.tar.gz
cd bittorrent_sync_x64
mv btsync /opt
ln -sf /opt/btsync /usr/bin/btsync

Now you should see the following message printed on your Terminal window

[root@localhost opt]# btsync
By using this application, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and End User License Agreement.

BitTorrent Sync forked to background. pid = 2664. default port = 8888

Now open your web browser and type: http://localhost:8888/gui

btsync create user

Create a new user and password and click Get Started. Now BitTorrent Sync should be ready to use.



  1. You have saved my day! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    Only one suggestion: Specify explicitly the version you going to install. Also, the current version (as the time of this comment) does not contain a subfolder.

  2. You are the wind beneath my wings :D

    There is a new version, you may want to update the link, but thanks a lot :) this post saved my life.

    Does it auto-start? I am not linux smart, and I found another post about how to get it to auto-stat and it seeamed to be writen in pig-latin :)

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