How to install Brother MFC-9330 CDW Printer on ChaletOS 16.04

If you are new to ChaletOS, this tutorial will show you how to add, connect and install printer driver on ChaletOS 16.04. I am using Brother MFC-9330 CDW laser printer connected to my network. The steps is pretty much the same with any other printer. Step 1 is to connect your ChaletOS to the network. Then, open Settings | Printer.

Click Add and select Printer

add new printer chaletos 1

Since here we want to connect to network printer, click the Network printer and you should see your network printers listed here. Click one of the printer you want to connect and press Forward.

add new printer chaletos 6Give a descriptive name for your new printer. Press Apply to continue.

add new printer chaletos 4

Now select the printer driver. ChaletOS should recognize your driver automatically. Select gutenprint driver, and it will download list of supported printers.

add new printer chaletos 2

add new printer chaletos 5Select the printer driver that match with your printer.

add new printer chaletos 3Now the installation will begin.

Once completed, you can start using your printer from ChaletOS.


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