How to install Budgie Desktop on Arch Linux

I was installing Arch Linux without any Desktop Environment. So basically, I only have a Terminal console on my Arch Linux. But now, I want to install a lightweight desktop environment and Budgie is my choice among all any available DE. Now, I want to share how I install Budgie Desktop on my Arch Linux.

Steps to install Budgie Desktop on Arch Linux

First, we need to update our Arch Linux to make sure we have the most recent and updated packages we have in our Arch Linux system.

The command will perform full system update/upgrade. Once completed, reboot Arch.

Next, we need to install xorg server. Use the following command



Once completed, we can start installing Budgie Desktop with the following command:



Wait until the installation completed and reboot when finished. At this point, we are successfully installed Budgie Desktop on Arch. But, we still need to install one more package, Display manager. Without Display Manager, we won’t be able to log in to our Budgie Desktop. There are many Display Manager available for example, GDM (Gnome Display Manager), LightDM, LXDM, MDM and some more.

Here I will install GDM as my default display manager.


Now, you should be able to use Budgie Desktop on your Arch Linux.


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