How to install Dropbox 2.8.2 on OpenSUSE 13.1

The new version of Dropbox 2.8.2 is now available. Here I want to show you how to install Dropbox 2..8.2 on OpenSUSE 13.1. Dropbox is a free cloud file storage and file sharing. You can access Dropbox and your files from anywhere as long as you have internet connection. Installing Dropbox on OpenSUSE 13.1 is pretty easy. Before we continue, you may want to read more about new features that come with Dropbox 2.8.2.

New features on Dropbox 2.8.2:

  • Fix for Preferences not opening on OS X 10.4
  • Fix for notification message that kept coming back.
  • Updated Translations

To install Dropbox 2.8.2 on OpenSUSE 13.1, simply paste the following command on Terminal. This command will download Dropbox package for Linux to your home directory.

cd ~ && wget -O – “” | tar xzf –

It will also automatically extract the compressed file to a new directory called dropbox-dist. Please note that this directory is marked as hidden directory.

Next, run Dropbox with the following command


Then the installation window will come up. Follow the instructions shown there. You can login with your existing Dropbox account or create a new one.

If you are running OpenSUSE 13.1 64 bit edition, use these commands instead

cd ~ && wget -O – “” | tar xzf –

Thank you.


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