How to install Dropbox on OpenSUSE 13.1

This tutorial is going to show you how to install Dropbox on OpenSUSE 13.1. When this post is written, Dropbox has reached its version 1.6.0. Dropbox is a free application which lets us to store files on the cloud for free. We can share and access our files from anywhere with internet connection. Installing Dropbox on OpenSUSE 13.1 is pretty easy.

First, we need to download the Dropbox package from Dropbox  website. Open Terminal, login as root and type or paste the following commands:

For 32 bit system:

wget -O dropbox.tar.gz

For 64 bit system:

wget -O dropbox.tar.gz


If you are unsure which system you have, you can check your system architecture using this command:

uname -a

You will see your system architecture printed there. System with i686 is 32bit and x86_64 is 64 bit.

Next, when the download process is finished, you will have a new file called dropbox.tar.gz.

Now extract the file

tar -xzvf dropbox.tar.gz

The command will produce a new hidden directory called .dropbox-dist. We need to move this directory to user root directory for example move to user “dhani”

mv .dropbox-dist /home/dhani

 Now cd to the new location

cd /home/dhani/.dropbox-dist

Now execute this command and then follow on screen instruction to complete the installation





Done. Now enjoy Dropbox on OpenSUSE 13.1


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