How to install Dukto on Manjaro 0.8.13

Dukto is a simple, fast and multi-platform file transfer tool for LAN users. It does not require any advanced configuration. Its just works right away. Dukto can be installed on most Linux distribution and here I will show you how to install Dukto on Manjaro 0.8.13. Since Dukto is available in AUR repository, its pretty easy to install Dukto on Manjaro 0.8.13.

To install Dukto on Manjaro, open Add/Remove Software from Manjaro desktop. Type dukto on the search box and you should see Dukto listed like below

install dukto manjaro 1

Right click on dukto package and select Install. Press Apply button on the top side of the Add/Remove Software window to confirm. Wait while Manjaro installing this program. You will need to answer Y and enter your root password during the installation. Once completed, you can start running Dukto to transfer files from Manjaro to other computer.

dukto main interface

dukto preferences


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