How to install Fedy on Fedora 23

Fedy is a must have tool for Fedora users including the new Fedora 23. Fedy provide a simple way to install third party applications which are not included on Fedora installation. You may install Google Chrome, Adobe Flash Plugin, Dropbox, Oracle Java JRE and many more.

install fedy on fedora 23Fedy comes with a simple user interface. Simply click Install button close to the application you want to install. Fedy will do the rest.

To install Fedy on Fedora 23, you can follow these steps:

A. Download Fedy installer script

Click this link to download fedy-installer script. Save it to your Download directory.

B. Install the script

Open Terminal and cd to your download directory

cd /home/dhani/Downloads
chmod +x fedy-installer

Once finished, you should find Fedy application listed on your Applications menu.


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