How to install FlareGet 3.1 on Xubuntu 14.04

FlareGet is a free and rich features download manager for Linux, and Windows. The latest version of FlareGet 3.1 has been released. This tutorial is going to show you how to install FlareGet 3.1 on Xubuntu 14.04.


Installing FlareGet on Xubuntu 14.04 is pretty easy.

For Xubuntu 14.04 32 bit:

wget -O flareget-32.deb
sudo dpkg -i flareget_3.1-36_i386.deb
sudo apt-get -f install

For Xubuntu 14.04 64 bit:

wget -O flareget-amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i flareget-amd64.deb
sudo apt-get -f install

Once finished, you can start using it to download files from the internet or download YouTube videos.


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