How to install Frostwire 6 on Debian 8.3

New FrostWire 6 has been released and its available for Linux operating system. This guide will show you how to install or run FrostWire 6 on Debian 8.3. Please note that Frostwire requires Java JRE to run, so make sure you have Java JRE installed. On Debian 8.3, you may check the Java JRE version, using command:

java -version

You should see the version of OpenJDK JRE version listed on your Terminal window as follow

openjdk version.png

Install FrostWire 6 on Debian 8.3

A. Download FrostWire 6

Use this link to download FrostWire 6 for Linux. You should have a file called frostwire-6.2.4.noarch.tar.gz.

B. Extract the package

You may extract the package using this command:

tar -xzvf frostwire-6.2.4.noarch.tar.gz

It will produce a new directory called frostwire-6.2.4.noarch. Now cd to the new directory

cd frostwire-6.2.4.noarch

And finally, run Frostwire


frostwire on debian 8.png


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