How to install Gnome 3.24 on Ubuntu 17.04

In Linux world, we are allowed to install multiple Desktop environment on a single installation. For example, we may have Ubuntu 17.04 with default Unity desktop and we can also install GNOME alongside Unity. We may switch to other DE upon login. On this tutorial, I am going to show you how to install GNOME 3.24 on Ubuntu 17.04. This tutorial can be applied either you already have any other desktop environment or not.

Steps to install GNOME 3.24 on Ubuntu 17.04

Step 1. Update your system

First of all, make sure our system is up to date.

Step 2. Install Gnome and Gnome Shell

The command will download many files from the internet. Make sure your internet connection is good enough. Once completed, you will be asked to select which display manager to use. If you have multiple Desktop environments, LightDM is suggested to be used. It supports GNOME and other DE as well.

Log out and re log in. Select GNOME from the list.


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