How to install Hotshots 2.10 on Elementary OS Luna

Hotshots is a rich features screenshots grabber on Linux. It has a simple GUI and has many features such as supports many image formats for output such as jpg, png, bmp and many others. Hotshots offers a default tool to upload scrennshots to online image storage services such as imgur, imageshack, freeimagehosting etc. There are 5 different capture modes available:

  • Grab screen
  • Grab all screen
  • Grab window
  • Grab region
  • Grab freehand region

Hotshots is a complete, easy to use screenshot capture. I prefer to use Hotshots other than the default screenshot application of Elementary OS Luna.

hotshots on elementary os luna

The most recent of Hotshots 2.1.0 has the following features:

– Speed up launch time
– Add option for mouse cursor in snapshot
– Add User defined action on click/double-click tray icon
– Editor: add group alignment (vertical/horizontal)
– Editor: add rescale background image panel
– Change Windows grabbing code on windows platform
* Bugs
– Editor: correct invalid save/restore position for text item

To install Hotshots 2.1.0 on Elementary OS Luna, do the following commands on Terminal:

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]



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