How to install Insync – Google Drive Client on Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop

Looking for Google Drive client for Ubuntu 16.04? Unfortunately, there is no official client application for Google Drive for Linux system. But don’t worry, Insync is available for Linux system. What is Insync? Insync is more than sync tool for Google Drive that can be used on your Linux desktop or server. With Insync you can sync all your Google Drive folder or freely select which folders to sync. Read more about Insync features here:


If you are running Ubuntu 16.04, you can easily install Insync from the DEB package provided in the official Insync website. See how to install Insync, Google Drive Client on Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop below.

A. Download Insync DEB Package

For 32 bit version, use this command

B. Install the package

64 bit

32 bit


Type Y and press enter:

Please note that Insync is not free. You can try the full version for 15 days. If sync activity is your concern, getting Insync Pro is highly recommended. Its very stable, easy to use and has many features, better than the official Google Drive client (Windows).

Now run Insync

insync ubuntu 16.04 screenshot 1

Enter your Google credentials when asked.

insync ubuntu 16.04 screenshot 2Thank you.



    • Hi…looks like you dont have gdebi. Install it first. sudo apt-get install gdebi. And then re execute the command again

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