How to install Linux-Dash server monitoring tool on Elementary OS Luna

This tutorial will show you how to install Linux-Dash, a web based server monitoring tool for Linux system. Linux-dash provide a complete information about your server status. You can monitor several items such as CPU Load average, RAM usage, Disk usage, network speed and usage and many more. 


All information are displayed on a web browser which is easy to understand. Linux-dash is a must have application for a server administrator or anyone who cares about their system status. This information can be accessed from other computer on the same network.

To install Linux-Dash on Elementary OS Luna, you can do the following procedures

1. Install Apache2

sudo apt-get install apache2 apache2-utils

2. Install php

sudo apt-get install php5 curl php5-curl php5-json

3. Start Apache server

sudo service apache2 start

3. Install git and download linux-dash

sudo apt-get install git
cd /var/www
sudo git clone

Done. Now open browser and type the following address to access Linux-dash. You can also open Linux-dash from other computer or Android phone/tablet as well.



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