How to install linux-dash web based monitoring system on Debian 7.5

I just installed the latest Debian 7.5 on my VirtualBox. Now here I want to share about how to install linux-dash on Debian 7.5. Linux-dash is a web based monitoring system for Linux. This application will display an informative and detailed information about Debian system including general information, disk usage, network traffic, cpu and ram usage, internet speed and many more. All those information are displayed on a web based dashboard.


How to install Linux-Dash on Debian 7.5

1. Install Apache and php

apt-get install apache2 php5 php5-json

2. Download linux-dash package


3. Extract the zip package


4. Move the extracted folder to /var/www

mv linux-dash-master /var/www/linux-dash

Done. Now, open web browser and type


If you try to connect from other computer, change the localhost with the ip address of the Debian system. For example

Thank you for reading this tutorial how to install Linud-Dash on Debian 7.5


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