How to install MariaDb Server on Ubuntu 16.04 Server

MariaDb is a free and powerful relational database, fork of the popular MySQL Server. MariaDb is compatible with MySQL Server as well. This tutorial is going to install MariaDb server on Ubuntu 16.04 Server. Its pretty easy to install MariaDb on Ubuntu Server.

Steps to install MariaDb on Ubuntu 16.04 Server

You can find a detailed official step by step tutorial to install MariaDb Server on Ubuntu 16.04 and any other Linux system from the official page at:

mariadb on ubuntu 16.04

I will summarize it here.

Step 1. Add the MariaDb repository

On the Terminal console, type the following command in sequence.

Step 2. Update the system and install Mariadb Server

At this point, we have mariadb server installed. For better security, it is recommended to harden the Mariadb installation.

Follow on screen wizard to secure the Mariadb server.



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