How to install Mondo Rescue, disaster recovery software on Manjaro 0.8.13

Mondo rescue is a command line backup and disaster recovery software for Linux. It can help us to create ISO from a running system and use it for disaster recovery. Mondo is pretty easy to use. Even it uses the Terminal as the main interface but anyone can operate it without problems. This tutorial will show you how to install Mondo on Manjaro 0.8.13. Mondo is available through AUR repository, so installing Mondo on Manjaro can be done in matter of minutes.

Mondo rescue supports backup destination including tapes, disks, network and CD/DVD as backup media, multiple filesystems, LVM, software and hardware Raid. Also, it supports various Linux distribution such as Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch Linux and many others.

Steps to install Mondo on Manjaro via package manager

A. Open Package Manager

Type Mondo on the search box and press Enter. Make sure you enable AUR repository for search. Right click on mondo and select install.

mondo rescue on manjaro

B. Confirm the installation.

Press Y to confirm the installation. In few moments, package manager will start downloading packages needed to build Mondo.

mondo rescue on manjaro 1

Once finished, you can start using Mondo via Terminal. Use this command as root:


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