How to install Navicat for MySQL on Ubuntu 15.04

I was looking for a graphical tool to manage my MySQL Server from my Ubuntu desktop. For some reason, I was unable to install MySQL Workbench on my Ubuntu 15.04. Fortunately there are many commercial software available for Linux that can be used to manage MySQL Server. Like this Navicat for MySQL, a perfect tool for MySQL administrator.

navicat for mysql ubuntu 2.png

Navicat for MySQL features:

  • Supports multiple MySQL/MariaDB Connections
  • MySQL user management
  • Create and manage objects such as Table, View, Query etc.
  • Perform MySQL backup and restore
  • Query builder and many more

To install Navicat for MySQL on Ubuntu Linux, please follow these steps

A. Download Navicat for Linux installation file

B. Extract the file

You will have a file with the following name: navicat112_mysql_en_x64.tar.gz. Right click the file and select extract here to extract it. You may want to use command line to extract it. After extract, you will have a new directory called navicat112_mysql_en_x64.

Now open the new directory and you will find some folders and files inside that directory. See my picture below.

navicat for mysql ubuntu 3

C. Install Navicat

To install, cd to the extract directory

cd navicat112_mysql_en_x64
sh start_navicat

The command will install necessary files such as Wine Mono and some others. Wait until the installation completed and Navicat for MySQL will opened after all.


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