How to install Netdata system monitoring on Ubuntu 16.04

Netdata is a complete system monitoring for Linux. It comes with nice graphical information about what happen with your computer or server including CPU, Network, RAM and many other information. The following image will give better description about what Netdata can do.

netdata on ubuntu 16.04

Pretty cool right? Now, I will show you how to install it on Ubuntu 16.04 Server.

Netdata Features:

  • Stunning bootstrap dashboards, out of the box (themable: dark, light)
  • Blazingly fast and super efficient, mostly written in C (for default installations, expect just 2% of a single core CPU usage and a few MB of RAM)
  • Zero configuration – you just install it and it autodetects everything
  • Zero dependencies, it is its own web server for its static web files and its web API
  • Zero maintenance, you just run it, it does the rest
  • Custom dashboards that can be built using simple HTML (no javascript necessary)
  • Extensible, you can monitor anything you can get a metric for, using its Plugin API (anything can be a netdata plugin – from BASH to node.js, so you can easily monitor any application, any API)
  • Embeddable, it can run anywhere a Linux kernel runs and its charts can be embedded on your web pages too

First, we need to know the Ubuntu 16.04 IP address. Use ifconfig command to know your IP address

ifconfig-commandNow lets install Netdata on Ubuntu 16.04. Netdata developer provides an automated installer which is very easy to use and support Ubuntu 16.04.

First, we need to install some package. Use the following command to install required packages for Netdata

install-netdata-ubuntu-1Proceed to the next step


install-netdata-ubuntu-2At this point, Netdata is installed and we can start open it with web browser pointed to our Server IP Address with the following format





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