How to install Numix Icon Theme Circle on Debian 8.3.0

There are many ways to get your Debian 8.3.0 looks better and more usable. The default icon theme on Debian 8.3.0 is not too good for me and change it to other icon theme is a must for me and maybe for most of you. My favorite Numix Icon Theme Circle is the chosen one to replace the default icon theme. On this short tutorial, I am going to guide you how to install Numix Icon Theme Circle on Debian 8.3.0.

After that, you can change this default icon theme on Debian 8.3.0

debian 8.3.0 default icon

Into this one

numix icon theme on debian 8.3.0

First, we need to download Numix Icon Theme files. Simply click here to download the zip file. You will have a file called Now extract the file by right click on it and select extract here. Or the following command can be used to extract it.


It will produce a new directory with the same name as the zip file. Now open the folder and we need to copy or move the folders inside the directory numix-icon-theme-circle-master.

mv Numix-Circle Numix-Circle-Light /usr/share/icons

Next, open Gnome Tweak Tool and change the Icons to Numix-Circle or Numix Circle Light.

numix circle on debian

Its pretty easy right? Thanks for reading and enjoy.


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