How to install OpenMediaVault 3.0.74

When this tutorial is being written, the updated OpenMediaVault 3.0.79 is available. The installation steps on OpenmediaVault 3.0.74 is the same as the new version. I will try to guide you how to install OpenMediaVault 3.0.74 on your server or virtual machine. I am using Virtualbox to install my OMV server. As you know, OpenMediaVault is a Debian based Linux distribution for Network Attached Storage. It has all features you need to power up your network with popular services such as SMB/CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and many more.

OMV comes with a handy web administration tool. We can manage the server from a web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

Steps to install OpenMediaVault

Step 1. Download ISO

You may download OMV 3.0.74 ISO from this link. Or you may grab the latest version from this link.

Step 2. Boot your server using ISO

Now its time to boot up the server or virtual machine with the ISO you’ve downloaded from the previous step. You may create a Live installation USB disk using Rufus if you are using Windows.

Step 3. Select Installation Language

On the first boot screen, you will need to select preferred installation language

Step 4. Select your location

Step 5. Select Locale

Step 6. Select keyboard layout

Step 7. Enter Hostname

Step 8. Enter domain name

Step 9. Setup password for root

Step 10. Configure clock/time zone

Step 11. Installing OpenMediaVault

The install process will take place. Please note that the installer will use the entire hard disk for OpenMediaVault installation.

Step 12. Select Mirror

Step 13. Install GRUB

Wait until the installation is completed. Once finished, you need to reboot to the new system we installed.

OpenMediaVault Web Administration

Upon reboot the OpenMediaVault should be ready. You will see the IP address to access the web admin as follow

Now you can log in by typing the IP address of the OMV server on your web browser. Use admin as the user and openmediavault as the default password.


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