How to install package using AUR repository on Manjaro Linux, Arch Linux

My first comment when testing Manjaro Linux is that this distribution is not for anyone. Manjaro Linux and probably Arch Linux as well has different ways to install package, different commands and its a bit harder. But thanks to Arch Linux community, blogs, articles or anyone who willing to write about Arch Linux tutorial. First thing to do after installing Manjaro 0.8.10 is learning how to install package on Manjaro Linux.

Manjaro Linux is based on Arch Linux. It does not use yum or sudo apt-get in oder to install package. It uses pacman to install package on it. But there are many applications that re not available through pacman. We need AUR repository to get more packages. The Arch User Repository (AUR) is a community-driven repository for Arch users. It contains package descriptions (PKGBUILDs) that allow you to compile a package from source with makepkg and then install it via pacman. The AUR was created to organize and share new packages from the community and to help expedite popular packages’ inclusion into the #Community repository.  (wiki).

To install packages on Manjaro and Arch Linux, you use Add/Remove Software.

manjaro linux install package

You can search for a package using the Search menu on the GUI application. For better result, you can include AUR repository. This will directly connect to AUR repository online and provide the result to the GUI application.

If you like, you can also use Terminal to install packages using pacman command. For example:

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]

pacman -S filezilla


When using pacman command, it will only search for the Arch repository, not AUR repository. If you want to install package from AUR, you will need additional tool called Yaourt (Yet AnOther User Repository Tool). This tool will sync pacman with AUR repository.

First, install yaourt

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]

pacman -S yaourt


Next, sync yaourt with pacman

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]

yaourt -Syy


Now install package using command

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]

yaourt -S shutter




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