How to install Plank dock on Solus OS

I don’t know why I cannot live without Plank on my Linux desktop. Today, I am testing the new Solus OS on my Thinkpad T450 laptop. After login to the Solus Desktop, Plank is the first one I am looking for and I am trying to install it on Solus. I was thinking that installing Plank on Solus would take some times since Solus is quite different from other Linux distribution I ever used.

But fortunately, Plank is available via Solus Software Center. So I can install it easily. So here is the final result of my Solus desktop with Plank installed.

solus-os-with-plankSee how to install Plank on Solus OS

Open Solus Software Center

Click Search on the left panel and then type plank on the search box. It will display any packages related to plank.

plank-on-solus-1You should see plank package listed there. Click it and then click Install.

plank-on-solus-2Then it will display any packages that will be installed. Click Install to confirm.


Once completed, Plank can be accessed via Apps menu.



  1. Wow, thank you very much. It’s indeed pretty easy, now the only thing lacking is the Plank settings manager but there must be some way to tweak it a little.


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