How to install Skype 4.3 on Manjaro 15.09 and Manjaro 0.8.13

Skype is the most popular VoIP application where we can use it to chat and make video call using internet connection for free. This tutorial is going to show you how to install Skype 4.3 on Manjaro Linux. I am using Manjaro 15.09 on this tutorial but it will work as well on Manjaro 0.8.13.

First, open Manjaro Package Manager (Add/Remove Software). Then type skype on the search bar as follow

skype on manjaro 15.09Next, you should see Skype listed on the software list. Right click on skype and select install. Confirm this by pressing Apply button on the top of the window.

install skype on manjaro 15.09Press OK and enter root password to start the installation. When finished, you can start using Skype on your Manjaro 15.09 or Manjaro 0.8.13.

skype on manjaro

Thanks for reading this post how to install Skype 4.3 on Manjaro 15.09.


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