How to install Skype on Elementary OS Luna

This short tutorial is going to show you how to install Skype on Elementary OS Luna. Skype is an essential application for Linux. We can make a free skype to skype calls from around the world.

To install Skype on Elementary OS Luna, first you must download the DEB package from the Skype official website.

Now you should have a file called something like this skype-ubuntu-precise_4.2.0.13-1_i386.deb. Right click the file and select open with Software Center.


Now, the Software Center will open and press Install to start the installation. Enter your root password to continue. Please note that the installation still need to download some files from the internet. Make sure you have a working internet connection when installing Skype on Elementary OS Luna.



  1. Hi, I keep getting repeated error messages at the Software Center when I try this. So far I am having no luck finding or downloading Skype.

  2. Hi. I installed and everything’s allright, except I get this “sky can’t connect” message, when I try to log in.

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