How to install Spotify on Linux Mint 18

This tutorial is going to show you how to install Spotify on Linux Mint 18. Spotify is a popular music streaming application which lets us to browse and play music over the internet. Spotify can be installed on most Ubuntu based Linux including Linux Mint 18 Sarah.


Steps to install Spotify on Linux Mint 18

Open Terminal and paste this command to add the Spotify repository signing key

sudo apt-key adv –keyserver hkp:// –recv-keys BBEBDCB318AD50EC6865090613B00F1FD2C19886

Next, add the Spotify repository

echo deb stable non-free | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/spotify.list

Update system

sudo apt-get update

Install Spotify

sudo apt-get install spotify-client

Once finished, you can start streaming your favorite music using Sportify on Linux Mint 18.

spotify on linux mint 18.png

So what do you think about installing Spotify on Linux Mint 18 ? Its pretty easy huh ? Comment, Like and Share if you like this post. Thank you


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