How to install Stremio on Manjaro 16.06

Stremio is a nice way to watch online movies from your computer. Stremio uses the latest streaming technology that delivers a smoothh, high definition movies right into your desktop. You can choose any movies from various categories and quality. Stremio supports almost any Operating System including Linux. Here I will show you how to install Stremio on Manjaro 16.06. Installing Stremio on Manjaro is pretty easy. The developer provide Linux binary package for most Linux distributions.

Compared to Popcorn Time which also offer similar way to stream movies and TV series, Stremio is way better in term of the protocol used. Popcorn Time uses torrent (which also supported by Stremio) but Stremio offers another service to stream movies such as Vudu, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes and some others. You can subscribe to some paid services and watch the movie instantly. Stremio also supports addons which improve its streaming services.

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Steps to install Stremio on Manjaro Linux

A. Download Stremio package for Linux

You can use this link to download the latest Stremio package for Linux (64 bit). The latest version when this post is written is Stremio version 3.6.5.

B. Extract the package

After download, you will have a package called Stremio3.6.5.linux.tar.gz or similar to that. Right click on the file and select extract here.

C. Run Stremio

To run Stremio, simply right click on the file Stremio-runtime and select execute. It will open Stremio and you can start watch your favorite movies in HD or even in 4K resolution.

install stremio on manjaro


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