How to install Subsonic Music Streamer on Ubuntu 13.10

Subsonic Music Streamer is a powerful music streamer application available for Linux and other system. With this tool we can turn our Ubuntu desktop into a music streamer which can be played from any computers, Android phones from anywhere. Here I want to show you how to install Subsonic on Ubuntu 13.10 Desktop edition.

Before we go further, make sure you have Java (JRE) installed on Ubuntu. This how to install Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on Ubuntu 13.10 should help you.

First, we need to download Subsonic DEB package. Click the link below to get started.

Subsonic DEB for Ubuntu

Now open Terminal and type the following command

sudo dpkg -i subsonic-4.9.deb

Once finished, open your web browser and type:


User this credential at the first use:


Next, you should change the username and password.

Next we need to add media to Subsonic. Go to Settings|Media Folders and provide the directory containing your music to it.


Click Scan media folders now to start scanning your collections.

Now your Music streamer should be ready.


If you want to stream the music from DLNA enabled devices such as Android Phones, Windows Media, you must purchase the premium edition. Its pretty cheap.


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