How to install Team Viewer 11.0 on Manjaro 15.12

Team Viewer is an essential software for me and maybe for some other people. I use Team Viewer to control my other computers remotely via internet. On this tutorial, I will quickly show you how to install Team Viewer on Manjaro Linux 15.12.

The most recent version of Team Viewer 11.0 is now available for Manjaro. Installing Team Viewer on Manjaro is very easy. There are two ways, graphically (via Add/Remove Software) and via Terminal.

A. Via Add/Remove Software

Open Add/Remove Software and type “teamviewer” without quotes. Make sure you enable “Search in AUR” feature, otherwise it will return nothing. You will see list of packages with teamviewer name.

install teamviewer on manjaro 15.12.png

Right click on the package name “teamviewer” and select Install. Press Apply button on the top left to confirm. Follow on screen wizard to complete.

B. Via Terminal

Open Terminal and follow these instructions:

sudo pacman -S yaourt
yaourt teamviewer

install teamviewer via yaourt.png

Type 2 and press enter to select the package number 2. Next type y and press enter to confirm.

install teamviewer via yaourt 2.png

The process will download and install TeamViewer with all dependency packages. Wait until it complete. Once installed, we need to run Team Viewer daemon. Use this command to start the daemon

teamviewer daemon start

Next open Team Viewer to start using it.

install team viewer on manjaro


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