How to install Team Viewer 12.0 on Deepin 15.4

Hi everyone, today I am going to show you how to install Team Viewer 12.0 on Deepin 15.4. This post will show you how easy to get Team Viewer 12.0 installed on Deepin 15.4 which is still in Beta version when I wrote this post. Team Viewer is available on Deepin Store. So, we only need few clicks to get this popular remote desktop application.

All you have to do is simply open Deepin Store and search for Team Viewer. You may type it on the search box. See my example below.

team viewer on deepin 15.4.png

Next, click install button to start the installation process. In few moments, your Team Viewer 12 should be ready and you can start using it to control your remote computer seamlessly.

I also has a video showing quick installation tutorial of Team Viewer 12.0 on Deepin 15.4. Enjoy watchng.


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