How to install TeamViewer 11.0 on Manjaro 15.12

There is an easy way to install Team Viewer 11.o on Manjaro Linux. I am using Manjaro 15.12 Deepin edition and successfully installed Team Viewer 11.0 on it.

install teamviewer on manjaro 15.12.png

Team Viewer 11.0 is available through AUR repository so make sure you have enabled AUR on Manjaro. To install Team Viewer 11.0 on Manjaro 15.12, you can follow my tutorial below.

First, Open Add/Remove Software. Type teamviewer on the search box. Right click on teamviewer package and select install.

install teamviewer on manjaro 15.12-1.png

In case you want to install via Terminal, this command should works.

yaourt teamviewer

install teamviewer on manjaro 15.12-3.png

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