How to install Ubuntu Unity on Linux Mint 17

I was testing to install Ubuntu Unity on Linux Mint 17. The installation was successful and I feel like using Ubuntu 14.04 rather than Linux Mint 17 :). I love the flexibility of Linux system. We can install other Desktop environment on our Linux.

unity on linux mint 17 1

Thats not Ubuntu, that’s Linux Mint 17 with Unity desktop.

If you want to try, you can use the following commands to install Ubuntu Unity on Linux Mint 17. I am using Linux Mint 17 Qiana Cinnamon 64 bit edition. I haven’t tested another version of Linux Mint.

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


When done, simply log out or reboot Linux Mint 17. On the login screen you can choose UbuntuĀ from the list before logging in.

unity on linux mint 17 3



    • Yeah this didn’t work..

      Can you please explain what else you did to get Unity to work on Mint (Cinnamon)?

  1. Not working here either. Did you enable any extra repos?
    (Yes I know, that Mint is a derivative of Ubuntu and the standard Ububtu repos should logically all be enabled).

  2. Is this thing really working …. or a bloody hoax ? Do you think it’s worthy to try it in a 17 Vm ?



    • Worthy or not is depend on you. If you feel comfort with Unity and you don’t like challenge then its fine not to try it.

  3. Does not work on a mint 17 64 bits ! I assume that there’s a bug at the Desktop Manager level because on the opposite of my Mint 17 32 bits Vm WHERE IT WORKED , it does not ask to choose between LIGHTDM and MDM when setting up ….. or simply is not compliant with 64 bits Os….



  4. It works if you use lightdm
    On my Linux Mint 17.1 I had to install:
    unity-tweak-tool overlay-scrollbar indicator-appmenu hud unity-lens-files

    To have a complete experience

    sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool overlay-scrollbar indicator-appmenu hud unity-lens-files

    • I’m using a HP Compaq tc4400 (notebook/tablet), 2.0 GHz, 3.0 GB ram, 160 GB hdd to run Windows 10; Ubuntu 14.04; Linux Mint 17.3/Mate.

      Since space is rather limited, I have both Mint and Ubuntu sharing a single home partition, and I can salvage another 10 GB by installing Unity on Mint and deleting Ubuntu’s / partition.

      After I read the article but before I read the comments, I installed Unity, but I didn’t select LightDM — I selected MDM and so Unity isn’t working.

      How do activate LightDM and deactivate MDM?

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  5. Thanks it worked! I couldn’t install Ubuntu because of my graphics card so I installed Linux Mint Compatible mode and than I installed Ubuntu the code on here and it worked so now I can enjoy Ubuntu too :) Thanks!

  6. thank you very much

    works on LM17.3 Mate (and many others desktop environments)

    i’ve used the initial tuto + the command in Cool As Ice answer + lightdm + removed .Xauthority

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