How to install Virtualbox Guest Additions on Xubuntu 17.04

Currently I am testing the new Xubuntu 17.04. It still in development version but I can run it on my Virtualbox without problem. By default, Xubuntu 17.04 is shipped with Guest Additions installed. But since I have newer version of Virtualbox on my host computer, I need to reinstall or update the guest additions on Xubuntu 17.04. Installing Guest Additions on Xubuntu 17.04 is very easy.

Steps to install Guest Additions on Xubuntu 17.04

Step 1. Boot Xubuntu 17.04

Step 2. Mount Guest Additions CD image from Virtualbox Device menu.

Step 3. Install the

Open Thunar File Manager and click the mounted device. You should see VBOXADDITIONS_xxxx on Thunar. See the picture below.

Right click on the empty space on the right panel and select Open Terminal here. The Terminal window will open up. Now execute the following command to install the guest additions.

sudo ./

Once completed, simply log out and log in again. The Guest Additions now should be enabled. Enjoy.


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