How to install Webmin 1.690 on ClearOS 6.5

This tutorial is going to show you how to install Webmin 1.690. There are some bug fixes and additional languages have been added to this Webmin 1.690. Webmin is a web based administration tool to manage your server. You can do many things with Webmin ranging from system bootup, cronjob, ssh server, hardware, disk and network file system etc.

To install Webmin 1.690 on ClearOS 6.5, do the following

First, login as root to ClearOS. You can login from other computer using Putty (Windows) or SSH connection (Linux). Download the Webmin package:


Now install the rpm package

rpm -ivh webmin-1.690-1.noarch.rpm

When done, you can login to Webmin web dashboard from other computer. Open Firefox or Google Chrome and type https://server-ip-address:10000

install webmin on clearos 6.5


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