How to install WordPress Desktop 1.3.1 on Debian 8.3.0

For WordPress users, you may install the WordPress Desktop, an official client application which can be used to manage, create and edit posts on WordPress powered website or blogs. WordPress Desktop supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating system. The latest version of WordPress Desktop 1.3.1 for Linux is now available for download.

Here I want to show you how to install WordPress Desktop 1.3.1 on Debian Jessie 8.3.0. Its pretty easy to get WordPress Desktop on Debian 8.3.0.

wordpress desktop on debian 8.3.0.png

First, download WordPress Desktop installer for Debian based Linux (DEB format) from here.  You should now have a file called wordpress-com-1-3-1.deb or something like that. Then, install it by right click on the DEB file and select Open With Package Install. Or you may also install it using command:

sudo dpkg -i wordpress-com-1-3-1.deb

Once installed, you can start using WordPress Desktop to create new posts and do some more to your WordPress blogs. Cheers


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