How to join FreeNAS 9.3 to existing Domain Controller/Active Directory

Did you know that FreeNAS 9.3 can work seamlessly with existing Domain Controller or Active Directory for user authentication? This tutorial is going to show you how to join FreeNAS 9.3 server instance with existing Domain Controller. I am using Univention Corporate Server as the Primary Domain Controller on this tutorial. Please read my previous tutorial on how to create Primary Domain Controller using Univention Corporate Server 4.0-1.

The setup:

  • An active Domain Controller
  • Domain Name (DNS/Realm-Name):
  • DC hostname:
  • DC IP Address:
  • FreeNAS 9.3 server installed and work properly. See how to install FreeNAS 9.3

Now log in to FreeNAS web dashboard and go to Network | Global Configuration. Add the Domain Controller IP address to the hostname database. This will to ensure the domain controller is resolved using its hostname rather than IP address only.

Type the Domain Controller Domain on the Domain section which is in this case.

freenas join domain

Also type on the Host name data base. Save the config and continue to the next step. Next to go Directory | Active Directory.

freenas join domain 2Type the Domain Name (DNS/Realm-Name), Domain account name and Domain account password. Tick the Enable option and then Save it. If there is no error, now FreeNAS Server should be joined to the existing Domain Controller or Active Directory. The users in the Active Directory can access FreeNAS Server using their credentials. We do not have to recreate users inside FreeNAS server.


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