How to join Linux Lite 3.0 to Active Directory/Domain Controller using PBIS Open

Most organization or company utilize Domain Controller or Active Directory system to handle users authentication among their employees. And today, I am going to show you how Linux Lite 3.0 can easily merge with any existing Active directory on my organization. This tasks requires root or administrator privileges, so make sure you are one of the root or admin users when trying to join Linux Lite 3.0 to existing Domain Controller.

In order to join Linux Lite to existing Domain Controller, we need to install PBIS Open package. This package comes with a simple GUI to join Linux to existing Domain Controller. This is how the PBIS Open looks like.

join linux lite to active directory step 1

OK lets get started

First download PBIS Open deb package from this link:

The following command will also work:

Once downloaded, we need to make the file executable. Still in Terminal, execute this command:

Now run it

Once completed, the GUI will opened automatically. But if not, you can run it by typing the following command on terminal

Please note that in my case, the GUI won’t come up if I use sudo domainjoin-gui. So, I have to use “su” to jump into root and then execute the domainjoin-gui command as above.

join linux lite to active directory step 2

Now on the GUI, enter the computer name and the domain name you want to connect. Please ensure that the Linux Lite DNS server is pointed to the Domain Server IP address. Change it on the network configuration.

join linux lite to active directory step 3

Enter the admin user to connect to the Active Directory. When connected you will see the following window appear on Linux Lite screen. I suggest to reboot Linux Lite after it.

join linux lite to active directory step 6

Upon reboot, login using the Active Directory user login

join linux lite to active directory step login

During the setup, you may encounter the following errors:

Unable to find ssh binary

join linux lite to active directory step 4

Solution: Install ssh and re run the domain join GUI


join linux lite to active directory step 5


Make sure the client (Linux Lite 3.0) DNS server is well configured. Make sure the DNS Server is changed to the Domain Controller IP Address. And, then re run the domainjoin-gui with root privileges.


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