How to join NAS4Free server to ClearOS Domain

This tutorial is going to show you how to join a NAS4Free Server into existing ClearOS Domain. The ClearOS server act as a Primary Domain Controller and I want to join my Nas4Free Server to the domain. With this idea, any Active Directory users in ClearOS domain can use their credentials to use shared folder in Nas4Free server without having to create new users in Nas4Free.

In order to join Nas4Free Server to ClearOS Domain, you must have the following information in hand:

  • ClearOS domain name (NetBios Name)
  • ClearOS Domain name (DNS/Realm-Name)
  • Administrator name
  • Administrator password

You can get the above details by logging in to ClearOS web dashboard and go to Windows Networking section as follow

 nas4free and clearos domainNext, open Nas4Free web management console and go to Access | Active Directory. Enter the ClearOS domain controller to the Active Directory setting page on Nas4Free.

join nas4free to clearos domain

Now, log in to Nas4Free command console via SSH. You can use Putty on Windows machine if you are connecting from a Windows machine. Execute the following command on Nas4Free command console as root.

net rpc join -Uwinadmin

Now validate that trust exist between Nas4Free and ClearOS domain controller

wbinfo -t

Now all ClearOS domain users can use their user name and password to connect to Nas4Free shared folders and other resources. For more information, please visit:


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