How to join Rockstor Server to existing Domain Controller

Rockstor is a powerful server operating system with many important features. One of my favorite is that Rockstor can be connected and joined to any existing Domain Controller (Active Directory). So, any resources, shared folder created in Rockstor server can be accessed by existing domain users. We don’t have to re create users in order to access the shared folder.

Before we attempt to join Rockstor to the domain controller, there are some important things that we need to configure first.

  1. Configure the network interface, DNS Server

It is mandarory to set the Rockstor DNS Server to the Domain Controller IP address. Go to System | Network Interface to set the DNS Server.

set dns server on rockstor 1.png

2. Configure NTP

In order to join the domain, NTP must be enabled on Rockstor. Configure NTP via System | Service | NTP.

set ntp on rockstor

3. Join domain

I am running Univention Corporate Server as my Primary Domain Controller. Its a perfect Windows Active Directory replacement. Rockstor can easily join to UCS domain. First, we need to configure the Active Directory information. Go to System |Service | Active Directory.

configure domain on rockstor.png

Provide the domain controller information including domain name, administrator username and password. Click Submit to proceed. Once finished, domain users can access Rockstor shared folders with their user and password.


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  1. I have done this but I can’t find how to get a list of AD users and groups so I can add one to my SAMBA share.

    When I enter a AD user in the admin users for a SAMBA share it just says not found. I have tried
    also tried in ” “

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