How to migrate VM to another cluster on Proxmox VE

Proxmox VE is a powerful Virtualization system. It allows us to perform live migration of a running server from one cluster to another cluster. In other word, we can move our virtual machine from a Proxmox server to other Proxmox server without having to shut the VM down (online migration).

In order to migrate a VM, first open Proxmox VE web console and click the VM we want to migrate. For example, I am planning to migrate my VM (106) Rockstor01 from Cluster 1 to Cluster 2.

migrate vm on proxmox 1.png

Next, click Migrate button and the confirmation window will open up as follow

migrate vm on proxmox 2.png

To migrate an online VM, the Online option must be checked. Click Migrate to start the migration process. To be able to migrate in online mode, the VM must uses a shared disks which accessible from both Proxmox clusters. If not, you will encounter the following error.

migrate vm on proxmox error.png

So, I shut down the VM and then repeat the step above without Online option checked and it was successful.

migrate vm on proxmox 3.png

All goes well without error. Now, my VM 106 (Rockstor01) is now on Cluster 2 as you can see from the following picture

migrate vm on proxmox 4.png

OK that’s it. Thanks for reading this how to migrate VM to another cluster on Proxmox VE. Have a nice day.


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  1. This migrates a VM between nodes in the same cluster… Not between clusters. There’s no native way to do that yet.

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