How to record Terminal Session on Manjaro using TermRecord

There are several Terminal session recording software for Linux. Introducing the TermRecord, a lightweight, html support Terminal session recording application for Linux. This quick tutorial is going to show you how to install and use TermRecord to record the Terminal session on Manjaro 0.8.11. Another Manjaro version should be able to install this TermRecord as well.

A. Install TermRecord

Open Terminal and install TermRecord via yaourt.

sudo yaourt termrecord

B. Start recording Terminal session

Use this command to start recording

TermRecord -o /tmp/test.html

Change /tmp/test.html with your own file name and location. On this example, the screencast will be saved as test.html and saved under /tmp directory.

To exit the screencast mode, simply press CTRL+D. Now browse the file and open it with your browser.

how to record terminal session


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